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“The romance has been everything you said and more, Kathryn. A million thanks!”

Roseann Burke Reichert


I know what it’s like to really want love and not know how to get it.

I remember being a single mom for far too many years. Feeling so alone. And feeling I would never have anyone in my life.

Let me tell you, it gets better. I’m not particularly special or exceptionally talented, and yet I’m now living with my soulmate. We’ve been married almost 20 years now, and it never gets old. We have created a family, have a functional relationship (something I had never even seen before) and I could not imagine how happy I would become!

So what changed? I used the very method that I now teach to find my person, Jon. I was doing everything wrong, and only by trial and error did I realize that.

I shifted my mindset, did things differently, and along came my soulmate shortly after. Since then, I started teaching what I had learned, and it kept working for my students, too.

I had to quit officiating weddings. It got so I was booked every weekend to preside at yet another happy client’s wedding!

I put all that I have learned in a book Love Will Find You, and it has become a word-of-mouth hit.

We all get love and you do, too!

How Are You Falling Short in Love?

Dating Desert

You have not dated in a long time and there is no one in sight. This work revs up your love life and gets you out of the desert in a hurry with a renewed dating life and exciting romance blossoming

Hooked on Someone but It’s Not Really Happening

Do you not even know what you do? But interests evaporate. Those you really want don’t like you back. You get too eager and blow it. Or maybe you say or do the wrong thing but aren’t sure what that is. This process takes care of that, changing your energy so you always do the right thing, attract the right One and it’s impossible to blow it. In this zone, there is no rejection

Unknowing Sabotage

Many people do the exact wrong thing when they really like someone and sabotage it. It’s amazing how amping up your attraction level can turn things around in a hurry. Kathryn’s track record of working it out with someone’s crush is amazing. This process works wonders for pulling the one you want all the way in, garnering their interest even if it seems to be nonexistent

Drama, Disappointment, Heartbreak

If you have a track record of disappointments in love, high drama or keep getting heartbroken, going through process will cure you of that and put you on a very different playing ground. Several steps in this process give you a new lease in your love life where finally, everything goes your way



  • How to attract love to you even if you feel too old, too heavy, like no good ones are left or have been perpetually single
  • The secret to turning the head of someone you want who you feared was a lost cause
  • Why this work has resulted in thousands of weddings & is the most effective way of attracting love available
  • 5 simple proven methods to rev up your dating life even if you haven’t dated in years, have had huge dating drama or constant dating disappointment. Be sought after by the ones you’re interested in
  • Use Law of Attraction to bring love right to your door. Introverts love this method & having love come to you is much more fun
  • Take care of your love life once & for all, find your soulmate & live happily ever after in their arms

What Do You Get?

10 Attraction Modules

($5,597 USD Value)

Each module includes exercises, case studies, fun activities, bonuses and quizzes to keep you engaged and having fun while learning. You will become magnetic and see positive changes in your love life right away

10 Recorded Class Calls

($1,997 USD Value)

After teaching multiple successful fully enrolled sessions, our recorded and written documentation complements the material as if you were doing the course along with me live. Yet since everything is recorded you can do the work on your own schedule.

Recordings To Keep Forever


The course material is yours for a lifetime. You can download it and put it on a cloud or save until you need it (like the Happily Ever After work). It’s evergreen and so if you need a reminder or refresher, it’s there for you for as long as you need it

"I did each one of the exercises - hoping - they would work as you said. Attracting my One (& now husband) has been the most amazing experience of my life. It's awesome what you do!!! Thank you SO much!!"

~Amy Mossman-Schmidt, San Francisco

Includes The Following 10 Bonuses

1. Speed Attracting Class

How to get magnetic in 2 seconds flat. Do this one thing, and your dating life changes fast. It’s an inner change that amazingly, sees outer results right away. It’s easy, and people are stunned at how fast it changes everything — for the better

2. Two Soul Calls

I lead you through this process in the way that has worked for so many with every tool needed to send out this powerful, invisible invitation to your One to come to you (15 minute version and 5 minute version for daily/regular use). This works, and we have much evidence to show for it.

3. Belief-Clearing for Romance

An easy way to get rid of your baggage, anything that has held you back (even things you’re not aware of) and put your fears to rest

4. Self-Esteem Builder & Self-Esteem Meditation

This will get you up to speed with those you feared were out of your league and attract the quality people you rarely meet

“It worked! Thank you, Kathryn”

Aisha Lloyd, Philadelphia

5. Release Extravaganza

Get releases for past loves and attachments as well as for the most common blocks that keep you from love (tried-and-true method). Kathryn is famous for her release work, and once you are released, things happen fast

6. Radical Self-Care to Attract Love

If you want to attract someone who treats you like royalty, you have to be good to yourself. Bad boundaries, negative self-talk, being a doormat, being unkind to yourself, stress, losing your power in a relationship – all of these will keep love from you. This mini class shows you how to treat yourself to attract the one you want

7. Become Charming, Flirtatious, A Master of Connecting: Your Way

Learn to connect in a romantic (not friend-zoned) way that suits your style, no matter how shy, introverted or socially awkward you are. This is what your popular friends have that you don’t, and it can be learned. If you have not dated for years, this will solve that problem

8. Take the Crazy Out of Dating Class

Most people approach dating and conduct in a way that is frustrating, hurtful, dramatic and ineffective. Kathryn’s method of dating has proven effective time and time again. It’s easy, on purpose and ensures you will never be hurt of frustrated again

9. The Tipping Point (for Love)

How to get the whole way into a soulmate relationship – not halfway that then fizzles, not a few dates and you’re ghosted, not 2 years of your life wasted and then you break up. The whole 9 yards until you’re walking hand-in-hand through life.

10. Sealing the Lifelong Deal

A class on how to have a functional relationship, make sure it lasts, keep the chemistry and navigate any bumps in the road easily

What Others Are Saying

Rhonda Britten

Emmy-award winning Life Coach, author and founder of
Fearless Living

“Kathryn Alice creates results: marriages. If you want to go from single to dating to married, read this book. Soon, you’ll be on Kathryn’s wall of weddings.”

Patsy Palmer


“I’ve loved Kathryn’s work since I first met her. Her process is magical!”

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder of Agape Spiritual Center, Featured in The Secret

​”Kathryn’s book brims with wisdom and hope. It leads to understanding, attracting and practicing relationship as a spiritual journey.”

Sondra Ray

Founder of the Loving Relationships Training and author of
23 books

​”Kathryn’s work is what I always recommend to my students. My students have had real results using Kathryn’s process. It is magical!”

“This work got me through issues I was having in attracting my soulmate. I’m now married! We were married in a private ceremony. The crackling chemistry was at the top of my list, and we have that in spades. I’m so happy to be with Dave and look forward to all of our many anniversaries together”
Kellie Welsh – Orange County, CA

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have someone in mind already that I want to attract. Will this course help with that?

A: Yes, it will. There is specific material just to help you pull in the one you want, and tailor the process to get you magnetizing this person to you in a way you have not done

“I found her, Kathryn! We are so in love. She is all I’ve wanted and more. Thank you!”

Michelle, Germany

Q: What made you finally offer this course? I’ve been wanting something like this for years

A: It was people like you requesting it. They love the book but either tend not to finish things or need things tailored to them, some coaching & support. For years, my readers asked me to teach this course, and I’ve finally done it — myself

With my help, it’s easier to complete the process and go deeper into the work


Q: I have already read Love Will Find You. Do I still need the course?

A: If you are still single, the course is a good idea. Often times, we read a book – even a great one – and yet either don’t finish it or don’t change anything in our lives. We get no results because we didn’t really do the process

The course – the way it’s structured and goes deeper – will ensure you don’t just read a book you don’t finish or read it and do nothing different. Throughout the 10 week program you’ll be doing things, changing things, trying things and having a ball actively undergoing the attraction process

Q: Why can’t I just get the book and have that be enough?

A: For many people, a book is not enough after a lifetime of not having your love life work out. The book is a light introduction to my work, but if you need more, jump on this course for a much more focused and detailed approach to manifesting your One. You will be more engaged in the work, go deeper and make a lasting change that brings so many their soulmates

Q: How much effort and time will the course take?

A: The course is laid out over 10 weeks, and those weeks will be fun. You can spend between 5 to 15 minutes a day doing the fun exercises, either read or listen to the book as you go along (one chapter per week) and then review the weekly discussion to get support, questions answered and coaching

There is the optional Facebook Group that many get addicted to with the encouragement, the like-minded new friends doing the same work, the support & coaching that continues there

My goals is to have this be so fun, you don’t notice the time you are spending. Falling in love does not feel like any effort – you can’t wait to spend all your time with each other. So it’s like that

“Kathryn, it worked. Thank you so much!”

Beth, Buena Park, CA

Q: I feel very skeptical of this work. Should I still enroll?

A: Well this is your chance. Give it a shot! You will rarely find someone with my track record who also walks their talk, being happily married myself. Maybe you’re reading this right now for a reason

I would ask you to shelf the skepticism and see this as an experiment. If you can do that, then enroll and let’s do this!

Any other questions that you don’t see answered here? Shoot us an email at and we are happy to give you some guidance. Thanks! ♥

Special Pay-in-Full Bonus

Love is Mine Mug & Love Will Find You Angel

What better way to remind yourself that love is on its way than by seeing this mug every time you have your coffee or tea! Plus hang your angel in a spot to remind you that you have a soulmate, you do get love

10-Week Course Schedule


Week 1: Crackling Chemistry
Week 2: The Soul Call
Week 3: “Hell Run Screaming from the Room”
Week 4: How Will She Know You if You’re not You?
Week 5: Declutter Your Heart
Week 6: A Delicate Time
Week 7: Forget the One Hundred Frogs
Week 8: The Mating Dance
Week 9: Countdown to Love Liftoff
Week 10: Once It’s Happened
Price: $1,997 DISCOUNTED TO $697. You can also choose the payment plan and pay over 10 weeks
The bonuses for each week correspond to the material – meditations, exercises, surveys & action plans

10 Attraction Modules to Enhance the Basic Book-Based Course
10 Recorded Class Calls
10 Bonus Courses and Media
Recordings to Keep Forever



$1,997 ON SALE for $697



$265.57 per Month

Access The Course From Any Device

And Follow Along In Your Workbook


Kathryn Alice was a single mom for 10 years before meeting her soulmate Jon. She’s a late bloomer who then had two more children in her forties. Kathryn is considered one of the U.S.’s foremost experts on soulmates & dating. Author of the bestseller Love Will Find You, she teaches around the world and is responsible for thousands of people recovering from heartbreak and finding the love of their lives.

Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, USA Today, Daily Mail, New York Times, Parade, NBC, CNN and many other media. Kathryn directed the Agape Crisis Support Team for 6 years and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Kathryn has been married to her own soulmate, Jon, for 20 years and they have four boys.